TI Ukraine Internship Program

Transparency International Ukraine is an accredited chapter of the global movement Transparency International. Our organization is engaged in the development and implementation of changes to reduce corruption levels in Ukraine.


We will select up to 8 best applicants who will undergo the internship program at TI Ukraine.


We invite beginners, switchers, and graduates to join the new internship program at TI Ukraine!

This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the work of the public sector in the anti-corruption field. You will be able to strengthen your analytical skills, gain practical work experience, and if you successfully complete the internship, become part of the anti-corruption team.

Join us to make Ukraine stronger together!

Application deadline — May 3
What awaits you?
What do we expect of you?
  • an 8-week internship on a voluntary basis
  • an advanced 8-week paid internship for the most motivated interns
  • a hybrid internship format: online and in the office, part-time
  • mentoring by specialists
  • active engagement in the creation of communication, legal, and analytical projects that offer specific changes in the country
  • participation in social media content, copywriting and design tasks
  • search for solutions to solve complex anti-corruption cases
  • full immersion in the work of one of the organization’s departments
  • useful networking with representatives of the anti-corruption sector
  • potential opportunity to become an employee of Transparency International Ukraine
  • incomplete (4-6 years) or complete higher education
  • interest in the fight against corruption
  • adaptability, ability to learn quickly
  • excellent written and oral communication skills
  • fluency in Ukrainian and English, not lower than the Upper-Intermediate level
  • a keen sense of justice and zero tolerance for corruption
If punctuality, attention to detail, and self-discipline are not empty words to you; if you are characterized as a motivated, responsible, and creative person — send an application for the internship at TI Ukraine.

What do we offer to the most skillful interns?



If we have vacant positions, we will invite the best interns to join the TI Ukraine team and become one of the fighters against corruption.


If there are no vacancies, or we are not sure that we will suit each other, the intern will be provided with career advice from our HR.

How to join the internship program?


Apply for the internship program.

Application deadline — May 3

Perform an assignment and demonstrate your interest in the anti-corruption sphere.

Take a short interview. We will get to know each other and find out whether our expectations and our proposals match.

If you successfully pass the selection, start your internship!


Internship stages

Training and onboarding

Training component 1 week
Format: offline, part-time
  • You will delve into the anti-corruption topic and activities of TI Ukraine. We will define the purpose and key objectives of your internship.
  • You will have lectures and participate in discussions. In addition, you will have home assignments and an opportunity to participate in solving complex anti-corruption cases.
  • The most creative participants of the internship program will meet with Andrii Borovyk, our Executive Director.
Practical component: 2 weeks
Format: online, part-time
  • You will choose the organization’s departments in which you will gradually test the knowledge gained and your potential. Our experts will provide you with interesting cases.

Functional internship

On a voluntary basis

At this stage, together with the coordinator, you will pick one area in which you will develop further.

You will receive regular assignments from your internship manager to help you better understand your strengths and growth areas.

International department

It engages in the development of international relations of the organization and advocacy of our interests abroad, communication with decision makers.

Communications department

It covers the communication with our target audience, develops social networks of the organization, and prepares and publishes texts for the media.

Legal department

It deals with the analysis of current legislation in the anti-corruption sphere, the development of proposals for its improvement, the preparation of various reports and studies both for the Ukrainian audience and for our international partners.

Organizational development department

It studies the opportunities for the development of TI Ukraine, forms strategic goals and monitors their implementation, takes care of the team members' development.

The Transparent Cities program

It analyzes the level of transparency and accountability in Ukrainian municipalities, forms recommendations for city councils, conducts research on open data, de-Russification, twinning in cities, etc.

The DOZORRO project

It ensures equal rules of the game in the field of public procurement: it monitors changes in legislation, oversees procurement and reports on detected violations, develops monitoring and analytical tools.

The BI Prozorro analytical direction

It develops and supports the bi.prozorro.org public analytics module. The team optimizes data, integrates the module with registers, develops new applications, conducts small studies.

Assessment center

This is the final point of the voluntary internship. At this stage, you will be able to take a career guidance test, get a detailed report, and better understand your strengths — both personal and professional. Our HR manager will help you in this.

Based on the results of the assessment, we will draw conclusions. Those who did best and showed the maximum of their potential will be invited to undergo a paid internship.

Join the internship at TI Ukraine!

Fill out the form, send your CV and become part of the team.

Reviews about internship

Arina Kuts
Ex-analyst of the DOZORRO project

I was an intern at DOZORRO for several months—living in Excel spreadsheets, analyzing problems in the field of public procurement, and reviewing potential solutions. Subsequently, I began to learn how to program and mastered the basics of text analysis. The internship was so interesting that I did not even think of prospects at all. Later, I joined the team officially.

The internship and the job gave me the opportunity to meet the best people in the country who are persistently moving the country towards development. In the course of our cooperation, I had dozens of opportunities for development, constant support and examples to inspire me for new achievements. Thanks to them, I have been working for seven years exclusively in socially useful projects and initiatives that focus on improving the capacity of Ukraine.

Sasha Misiura

I underwent an internship at TI Ukraine in 2019 without any prior work experience. While working with the texts, I received feedback from my internship supervisor regarding various aspects of the work: grammar, working with CAT tools, information about the public sector in general, and specifics of work in the field of anti-corruption.

The internship gave me an opportunity to later work as a freelancer in several projects of the organization, and then to become a full-fledged part of the team.

I urge you to apply for the internship: it's an invaluable learning and practice opportunity that offers an incredible possibility of networking!

Yevhenii Zolotukhin
Junior communications manager

Internship at TI Ukraine allowed me to understand my strengths and join the interesting world of the Ukrainian fight against corruption. Over the course of three months, I created various content and came up with creative ideas, which the team heeded.

I was not afraid to express myself and took advantage of all the opportunities that TI Ukraine gave me, and there were really many of them: from the design of posts to the development of crisis communication. The reality exceeded my expectations because after the internship, I got a job and still work in the team of the best specialists in the anti-corruption field.

I urge you to apply for the internship! Do not be afraid that you lack experience because TI Ukraine will help you get it.

Katia Rusina
Communications manager

My internship started in the first spring of COVID-19, so it took place almost entirely online. But there was no awkward distance in communicating with the team; on the contrary, everyone always tried to provide explanations in more detail and was very supportive. When you are a beginner who is worried about every typo and mistake, it helps a lot in learning :)

In general, it was great to learn during the TI Ukraine internship: I could try different assignments, sometimes from a different field. Therefore, this will be especially useful if you do not yet fully know what you want to specialize in within a certain focus area (and which areas to choose from).

It was also important for me that with the help of an internship, I could contribute to changes in Ukraine. Because you work in an organization that systematically and thoroughly approaches the fight against corruption, influences state processes. Even your tiny actions will be a contribution to a big cause.


No, it is not necessary to have work experience to participate in the program.

An advanced internship can be completed in:

  • International department;
  • Communications department;
  • Legal department;
  • Organizational development department;
  • The Transparent Cities program;
  • DOZORRO public procurement monitoring project;
  • BI Prozorro procurement module.

After submitting the application, all future communication will take place through the e-mail that you will specify when registering. If you have not received the e-mail, please write us: [email protected]

Usually, we require up to 2–3 weeks to analyze the data obtained. If as of the end of this period you have not received a response, please write to us: [email protected]

The test results will help you better understand the professional focus and level of development of your key competencies, namely:

  • basic competencies (critical thinking, awareness, problem-solving);
  • social competencies (emotional competence, benevolence, emotional stability);
  • ability to change (tolerance for uncertainty, cognitive flexibility, openness to new things);
  • proactivity (vigor, responsibility);
  • subjective well-being;
  • information and digital competence.

We prefer a hybrid internship format. But if you do not live in Kyiv, this will not prevent you from participating in the internship program.

The assessment will include:

  • analysis and feedback from the manager and internship coordinator;
  • career guidance testing;
  • analysis of the essay “What can I bring to TI Ukraine?”

The duration of the internship from the beginning of Stage 1 to its full completion is 20 weeks.

We expect the intern to be able to allocate up to 4 hours on average 5 days per week, part-time, according to a pre-agreed schedule with the internship manager.

After passing all stages of the internship program, TI Ukraine provides the opportunity for further employment if possible but does not guarantee it. However, we offer career counseling for all participants who have successfully completed the internship program.

It is not advisable to skip because all classes are live. But if you cannot attend the lecture, you should inform the internship coordinator. You will be provided material for self-study.